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Why was [MG]B@D and his "Boys" Banned?
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Sat Aug 25 2018, 02:48PM
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From the sounds of it, [MG]B@D and his "Boys" were banned from [415]Sandman the other day... I was not around when it happened.
I have, and many others, have played with [MG]B@D for years and never had a reason to assume hacking, unless they were just plain "out of line" and was banned due to that.
[MG]B@D is even know for building custom maps, some that I believe we even use...(I could be wrong here)
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Sat Aug 25 2018, 07:07PM
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ya your right about who it is goss   and he sould'nt be baned  
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Sun Aug 26 2018, 02:46AM
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[MG]Bad was a mapper and helped me out on one of mine. Always thought he was a good guy even though it has been a long time since I have talked to him.
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Sun Aug 26 2018, 04:21AM
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I was on when it happened. Didn't deserve a ban. Thought it was only a few days only though. Sandman accused him of hacking and he got a bit upset over the accusation then Sandman got upset and BOOM...banned.

Maybe Sandman will respond and clarify.
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Wed Aug 29 2018, 06:26PM
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Things with Sandman and [MG]B@D got pretty heated that night.
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Fri Sep 14 2018, 11:15PM
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Sry for not replying are all right ...should not have been banned...we did have an argument...didnt think i banned him for good....bad day i quess...i own it.....and i thought it was for being
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Sat Sep 15 2018, 08:15PM
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one final thought...who ever unbanned opa did the wrong thing...he is what he is..spec him .....we are suppose to support each 415...if i could kick someone for a few days i would...can only ban them for that time...whoever banned opa back then i support him or her...without question
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Sun Sep 16 2018, 11:40PM

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You should be able tho kick now sandman.

[ Edited Sun Sep 16 2018, 11:43PM ]
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